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Natural rubber, our raw organic material

How is Sophie la girafe made?

Sophie la girafe is made using 100% natural rubber.

To “decorate” her, we use a paint composed of 100% natural rubber that is mixed with natural pigments.

Discover the secrets behind how she is made:

What is natural rubber?

Natural Rubber is an elastic substance obtained from the latex sap of trees, especially those trees which belong to the genera Hevea and Ficus. Technically speaking, natural rubber is an elastomer or an elastic hydrocarbon polymer. Natural rubber is one of the types of rubber that also include vulcanized rubber which is finished into a variety of rubber products. Natural rubber is also known by the names of India rubber, gum elastic, and caoutchouc.

100% natural rubber, a pure, living material, is the very essence of a commitment to quality. Just like coffee, several varieties of natural rubber exist, each having different properties.

In the interest of quality and safety, the rubber variety we have selected meets very strict mechanical and chemical requirements. It makes it possible to create sturdy, soft and pleasant to the touch products while ensuring suppleness and safety for Baby. The same type of rubber is most notably used in the fabrication of surgical gloves and condoms. Like any natural material, it changes over time.

What are the qualities of the natural rubber used for Sophie la girafe?

Sourced from the hevea trees, natural rubber is endowed with exceptional properties specifically flexible resistance to strong stresses. This is the reason why it is used in the fabrication of products that must meet high quality requirements.

It is also waterproof, soft and pleasant to the touch.

Where does the natural rubber used for Sophie la girafe fabrication come from?

Taking care of my Sophie la girafe

How to clean Sophie la girafe?

Our quality control approach

How do we certify the quality of our products?

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